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B.C. Pinot Noir Deserves Better

BCPinotNoir.com exists out of pure enthusiasm for B.C. pinot noir and the wish to see its wines, vineyards, wineries and winemakers be rightfully regarded as being in the forward ranks of pinot noir worldwide

Current Tasting Cycle

Blind, impartial panel tastings (seventeen posted so far – ninety-nine wines tasted in total) of B.C. pinot noirs are currently held approximately every three weeks with wines, thus far, provided mostly by us. Enthusiasm for this project necessarily entails a certain casual disregard for personal finances and you may notice the web site has “no visible means of support”. To sample and keep current with over two hundred B.C. pinot noirs by tasting six wines every three weeks makes for a long tasting cycle. If additional wines were available for review by way of trade samples, the tastings would be expanded and/or held more frequently.

Helping B.C. Pinot Noir Shine

Vintage variation, the age of the vineyard, the vagaries of weather at a particular site, storage and transportation, changes in winemaking practice and a range of other factors present in a particular bottle can affect how a wine shows in our panel tastings.  We do our utmost to ensure that every BC pinot noir (as well as our “guest pinot”) shows its best.  Wines for our tastings are stored quietly at cellar temperature (in some cases for years) before being in a tasting. We also do not publish a review of a wine that upon opening, we agree has a serious technical fault.

Wine for Trade Samples

Producers of BC Pinot Noir are welcome to submit trade samples for:

  • Wines that have not yet been panel reviewed

  • Wines that have been panel reviewed – but for vintages other than the one(s) we have already reviewed

  • Library wines , vertical tastings, discontinued/experimental bottlings  (e.g. combined block wines that have subsequently been bottled as separate blocks).

Trade Samples Receive Priority

Submitted trade samples of B.C. pinot noir, will be panel tasted according to the panel tasting process and the results of the tasting published on the web site and in social media. Wine samples will generally be evaluated in the order in which they are received and submitted trade samples will be given priority in the tasting cycle. The tasting order will however also be in balance with the overall goal of tasting pinot noirs from every B.C. winery and the grouping of tastings by year or theme. We will clearly state within the tasting notes that the wine was received as a sample.  Please submit 2 samples of each wine in case of spoilage (this has happened several times at our panel tastings).

Objective Review Policy

There is no gain in being harshly critical, cutting or dismissive in a wine review but be aware that depending on what is found, the praise may be faint and that any criticism proceeds from a spirit of providing an objective, honest and constructive reflection of the quality and value of BC pinot noir both for the industry and for the world at large.

Non-pinot noir samples

Samples of non-pinot noir wines from B.C. are also accepted but will be individually tasted (i.e. not by the full panel) and if a review is published it will be in a separate non-pinot blog posting on the web site. If there are certain aspects of any wine that you are looking for feedback on, please indicate that when sending the wine.   Note that if we do not care for your wine we may not post a review at all.

Other Samples

We are not accepting international wines for samples at this time (there is a separate web -based project coming from us for international wines). We do accept submissions related to wine accessories, food and wine related travel. We do however, make no guarantees that all products will be reviewed.

For all samples, please include if possible:

  • Bottle price at winery

  • Where the wine is available including VQA and/or retail stores

  • Number of cases produced

  • Vineyard sources: Indicate if estate grown or vineyard locations & other details if the source grapes were purchased from a grower

  • Winemaker

  • When vineyard was established

  • Winemaker notes or details about the wine (electronic version preferred) including biodynamic, organic, dry farmed, vinification  techniques, technical information etc.

Extra information you submit will be included as notes on the wine in our reviews.

Please submit wines to:

c/o Brent Gushowaty
Ste. 1002 – 5805 Balsam St.
Vancouver B.C.
V6M 4B8

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