Liquidity Pinot Noir 2011 Label Detail

2011 Reviews – a Good Year for Pinot? #11

Caps Corks Capsules 2011 BC Pinot Noirs Tasting 11
Caps Corks Capsules 2011 BC Pinot Noirs

Wines from Abbotsford, Okanagan Falls, Osoyoos, Naramata & a “guest pinot” from Oregon

“Strawberry and cranberry driven, blueberry, pomegranate, balanced, integrated.” – JD
Mouth watering, long nice balance, spicy, oak notes. Liked it!” – AKG

Name of WinePriceQualityValue
#1 Castoro De Oro Pinot Noir 2011$25.00C- to C ~ 85D+ to C- ~ 83
#2 Moon Curser Pinot Noir 2011$29.00D+ to C- ~ 83 D- ~ 78
#3 Van Westen VD Pinot Noir 2011$37.90C+ to B- ~ 89C ~ 86
#4 Burrowing Owl Pinot Noir 2011$30.00C+ ~ 88C ~ 86
#5 Liquidity Pinot Noir 2011$30.00B ~ 92 B- ~ 90
#6 Mt. Lehman Pinot Noir Platinum Reserve 2011$32.00B to B+ ~ 93B ~ 92
#7 Bergstrom Pinot Noir Cumberland Reserve 2011 (Oregon) $48.00B- to B ~ 91 C- to C ~ 85

#1 Castoro de Oro Pinot Noir 2011 13%

Quality Rating: C- to C ~ 85  Value Rating: D+ to C-
Price: $25.00

Castoro de Oro Pinot Noir 2011 Label - BC Pinot Noir Tasting Review 11
Castoro de Oro Pinot Noir 2011 Label

JG: Clear, bright, purple garnet    BG: Light with cherry rim    AKG: Cherry, a bit watery looking    EU: Purple     JD:  Medium-ruby pale rim

LC: Spicy Backing – cinnamon, cloves, vanilla evolved     JG: Clean, floral, cherry compote    BG: Faintly bramble/barrel, doesn’t smell like pinot noir     AKG: Earth, strawberry, buttery, vanilla    EU: Dark meaty, cherry, toasty, complex, spice    JD: Perfumed strawberries, red fruit, spice, caramel/sweet floral, candied

LC: Sour cherry. long finish – a touch acidic/hot vanilla. Quite well balanced. sweet/strawberry cam out   JG: Light, uncomplicated but well made. Fruit forward, not too complex    BG: slight alcohol burn, very short, touch bitter cherry stone. Peculiar.    AKG: Bitter, sour fruit, no arc, tight tasting    EU: Dead, very light, light tannin with pomegranate    JD: Medium acid, simple, juicy, crowd-pleasing palate, slightly raisinated on palate

Closure – cork

Castoro de Oro Pinot NoirCurrent Vintage & Availability


#2 Moon Curser Pinot Noir 2011 13%

Quality Rating: D+ to C- ~ 83   Value Rating: D-
Price: $29.00

Moon Curser Pinot Noir 2011 Label - BC Pinot Noir Tasting Review 11
Moon Curser Pinot Noir 2011

JG: Clear, light legs, garnet    BG: Cherry rim, light    AKG: Bright cherry, glossy    EU: Garnet red    JD: Medium ruby, pale rim

LC: Blueberry, hits of vanilla, slightly dusty    JG: Clean, glycerine, the fruit is hiding behind the first aromas, could be wood    BG: light cherry, bit of vanilla, bit of caramel, overall very little on the nose    AKG: Stale fridge smell, blackberry crumble, crumbling wood, pine, vanilla    EU: Light sweet cherry, citrus (lime)    JD: Slightly more medium nose.

LC: Sour/blueberry. clean, fairly long finish but not mouth filling- top of palate    JG: Tannins medium-there is very little fruit, the palate follows the nose – uninspiring    BG: Cherry, bit of vanilla . bit closed and tannic on end. drift of pomegranate, ending actually quite long    AKG: Peppery, nice full fruit/cooked strawberry, a bit hot and tannic . Nice acidity, well balanced, pleasing finish    EU: Light cherry, spice (pepper) , vanilla, oak toast, dried sour cherry finish, long, citrus    JD: Little fruit to balance, med+ to long end, woody, spice. More structured other components. zippier than #1 wine. Present tannins.

Closure – Stelvin screwtop

#3 Van Westen VD Pinot Noir 2011 13.2%

Quality Rating: C+ to B- ~ 89  Value Rating: C
Price: $37.00

Van Westen VD Pinot Noir 2011 Label - BC Pinot Noir Tasting Review 11
Van Westen VD Pinot Noir 2011

LC: More purplish    JG: Clear, purple, legs    BG: Purple/ruby rim    AKG: Purple, looks very new    EU: Purple (blue) red    JD: Slightly darker ruby, more so than 1 and 2. Almost purple

LC: Initially hard to identify, big, slightly funky pepper, vanilla    JG: Clean, violets very floral, wood, nail polish    BG: Candied cherry, 828 clone? , plums, lovely oak    AKG: pipe tobacco, fruity, smells big    EU: Deep, dark  ripe black cherry, sweet fruit, cranberry, bright fresh , citrus    JD: Red fruit, strawberry, violet, plums, spice, cola

LC: Big pepper, sour blueberry, plum hint of one of curry spices, fills moth, big tannins, somewhat hot    JG: Tannins medium, acidity medium+ for a pinot noir too high. Palate follows the nose – unbalanced – not impressed    BG: Easy, simple, flattish, low acid? , Pomegranate juice, bit extracted. Fairly long    AKG: Sweet candied fruit at start, mouth watering, long nice balance, spicy, oak notes. Liked it!    EU: vanilla wood, cherry, kirsch, citrus, long cherry reinforced with oak    JD: Expressive palate, med+ acid (with lower acid on 2nd tasted)  well balanced and med minus to medium tannins, fuller body. Grows on me.

Closure – Stelvin screwtop

Van Westen VD Pinot NoirCurrent Vintage & Availability


#4 Burrowing Owl Pinot Noir 2011 14.0%

Quality Rating: C+ ~ 88  Value Rating: C
Price: $30.00

Burrowing Owl Pinot Noir 2011 Label - BC Pinot Noir Tasting Review 11
Burrowing Owl Pinot Noir 2011

LC: Very purple JG: clear, purple, higher viscosity on the legs    BG: Purple rim    AKG: Glossy purple    EU: Bright purple    JD: Medium ruby almost purple

LC: Funky (not barnyard) strawberry jam, clove    JG: Clean, floral (violets) vanilla, citrus?    BG: Roses!, vanilla, candied violet   AKG: Smells rich, port like, leather    EU: Sandalwood, barnyard, vegetal, sour/oxidized fruit    JD: Red fruit side of the spectrum but mainly cherry driven, white pepper , hints of strawberry, dried red fruit, vanilla. Opulent without being super jammy, raisin, bacon

LC: Sweet darker fruit, solid tannins but fine, menthol finish – long    JG: Quite alcoholic -overpowers the other flavours – some fruit but quite green . a bit unbalanced.    BG: supple mid-weight pinot noir, , long, fruity side, bit of blueberry, later violets. Silky, very long, haunting blueberry/roses     AKG: Yum, very rich, not pinot like, cherry/stewed strawberries, spice velvety peppery edge, vanilla buttery, nice acidity    EU: Full body, good middle, sweet vanilla oak, light fruit, balanced acid/tannin. needs more fruit    JD: Palate more expressive than nose. Strawberries, cherries, med minus to medium acid. Has a present concentration, a bit hot on the alcohol med tannins.

Closure – Composite cork

Burrowing Owl Pinot NoirCurrent Vintage & Availability


#5 Liquidity Pinot Noir 2011 13.5%

Quality Rating: B ~ 92  Value Rating: B-
Price: $30.00

Liquidity Pinot Noir 2011 Label - BC Pinot Noir Tasting Review 11
Liquidity Pinot Noir 2011

LC: Almost garnet, brilliant    JG: Clear, light garnet – very light    BG: Light garnet rim    AKG: Garnet    EU: Bright cherry red,    JD: Pale ruby, pale rim

LC: Closed, strawberry, vanilla    JG: Clean , nice candied fruit, cherry, floral (dandelion) vanilla component – so far so good.    BG: Pomegranate/cranberry, some lovely wood but integrated with the fruit    AKG: Baked marshmallow, clam, alcohol, mushroom    EU: Toast, cocoa, intense floral cherry, vanilla (jasmine , lavender)    JD: Bubble gum, playful red fruit, spice, floral, sweet, woody

LC: Cherry-simple/elegant. Light-medium body finish fades then has a 2nd finish – medium long    JG: Extremely light, wood components come forward before the fruit- nose more interesting than palate    BG: Very supple, pomegranate, focused fruit. Classic pinot noir, very long, bit of savoury caramel barrel effect    AKG: Peppery pleasant but not too complex, oak, long finish     EU: Vanilla, cashew/almond toast, bright floral top notes, long cherry , roasted/candied strawberry. Very well balanced acid/tannin/fruit    JD: Slightly hot on the alcohol, medium acidic, low tannins, medium bodied, hint of an herbaceous earth on the palate, thin, simple, more formidable on the nose than the palate.

Closure – Stelvin screwtop

Liquidity Pinot NoirCurrent Vintage & Availability


#6 Mt. Lehman Platinum Reserve Pinot Noir 2011 13%

Quality Rating: B to B+ ~ 93  Value Rating: B
Price: $32.00

Mt. Lehman Platinum Reserve Pinot Noir 2011 Label - BC Pinot Noir Tasting Review 11
Mt. Lehman Platinum Reserve Pinot Noir 2011

LC: Brilliant/garnet    JG: clear, light garnet, some sediments    BG: Garnet rim, lightish    AKG: Garnet    EU: Bright cherry red    JD: Very pale ruby

LC: peppermint, slight dustiness, woody – raw oak    JG: Clean, roasted nuts, bacon, animal characteristics, sweet note (almonds)    BG: Cedar, spring flowers, pine wood    AKG: Strawberries & cream    EU: Strawberry, lime (citrus) blueberry, black plum    JD: Floral, red fruit, strawberry, cherry, spice, zesty red fruit, cranberry

LC: Bright blueberry/pomegranate. Tannins fine and controlled. Finish medium long, feminine    JG: Sweet nut-cherry like-compote-lollipop. Palate is consistent with nose. Interesting profile    BG: fairly Intense fruit flavours, beautiful wood though not big bodied. very long, beautiful layered fruit, beautifully balanced, bit of pleasing barnyard in the mix    AKG: Strawberry , spicy, big mouth watering, pomegranate, vanilla    EU: Light body, strawberry, cherry, vanilla, very well balanced, medium finish, vanilla (long), cherry & cloves keep coming back    JD: Medium+ acid, medium bodied, low tannin, medium length, strawberry and cranberry driven, blueberry, pomegranate, balanced, integrated.

Closure – Stelvin screwtop

Mt. Lehman Pinot NoirCurrent Vintage & Availability


#7 Bergstrom Cumberland Reserve Pinot Noir (Oregon) 2011 13.3%

Quality Rating: B- to B ~ 91  Value Rating: C- to C
Price: $48.00

Bergstrom Cumberland Reserve Pinot Noir 2011 Label - BC Pinot Noir Tasting Review 11
Bergstrom Cumberland Reserve Pinot Noir 2011

LC: Ruby    JG: Clear, purple    BG: Cherry rim, medium light depth    AKG: Cherry, rich looking    EU: Blue rim, purple, dark    JD: Medium ruby

LC: Hints of barnyard, strawberry, floral- classic pinot nose, Burgundian     JG: Clean cooked strawberries, cherry, hay, stable, farm component, more earthy – lots going on    BG: Cherry pit, significant wood     AKG: Barnyard, dried fruit, vanilla, mustard, mint    EU: Tart sour cherry, beet, barrel-Brettanomyces? metallic finish    JD: Vibrant. A bit of funk, strawberries, red plums, earthy component, dried red fruit,woody spice

LC: Darker fruit- sour not focused     JG: Great fruit, well balanced with oak – great acidity and body- light but well done    BG: Blueberry, low acid, very long finish, loganberry, beautiful fruit, mid-weight, maintains intensity of flavour through the flavour sequence    AKG: Plums, walnut skin, tannic, rich plum, nice finish    EU: Seaside, creosote, no fruit or floral    JD: Ripe red fruit, present, medium tannins, medium+ acid, medium finish/length. Savoury finish, needs more concentration or fruit or time to tame tannins.

Tasting held February 4, 2014

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