Sirens Call Pinot Noir 2010 Label Detail

A Third Horizontal Tasting of 2010s #20

Lake Breeze XV Pinot Noir 2010 Label Detail
Lake Breeze XV Pinot Noir 2010 Label Detail

Tasting Pinot Noirs from Summerland, Naramata, Kelowna, Abbotsford and a “Guest Pinot” from Burgundy

Good strawberry, sour dark cherry, Kirsch, floral (Jasmine, rose). – EU
Great mouthfull, well-balanced, Rainier cherries, salmonberries, huckleberries, baking spices, easy to get lost in… – AKG

Name of WinePriceQualityPrice
#1 Silkscarf Pinot Noir 2010 $26.00C- to C ~ 85D ~ 80
#2 Siren's Call Pinot Noir 2010 $22.00B- to B ~ 91B- to B ~ 91
#3 Marsannay cuvée Marie Ragonneau Domaine Charles Audoin (France)$42.00C ~ 86C- ~ 84
#4 Lake Breeze XV Pinot Noir 2010 $50.00C+ to B- ~ 89C ~ 86
#5 Cedar Creek Home Block Pinot Noir 2010 $40.00C+ to B- ~ 89C- ~ 84
#6 Mt. Lehman Signature Pinot Noir 2010 $32.00C ~ 86C- to C ~ 85
#7 Camelot Pinot Noir 2010 $25.00C- to C ~ 85D+ to C- ~ 83

#1 Silkscarf Pinot Noir 2010 13%

Quality Rating: C- to C ~ 85    Value Rating: D
Price: $26.00

Silkscarf Pinot Noir 2010 Label - BC Pinot Noir Tasting Review 20
Silkscarf Pinot Noir 2010

BG: Garnet rim, pale depth of colour.    AKG: Brick, glossy    EU: Light ruby.    Jacquelin G: Bright, clear, garnet – hint bricky – age?    EH: Pale burgundy – orange red.

BG: Roses, caramel, strawberry. Touch of pomegranates/beets.    AKG: Salty caramel, strawberry    EU: Raisin, dried fruit, distinct caramel notes with time and liquorice.    Jacquelin G: Wild strawberries, hot? Wet leaves, savoury and vanilla. Caramel, beets.    EH: Neutral slightly minus, hint of pinot, then vanilla. After two hours caramel apple in a glass.

BG: Soft tannins, caramel/strawberry. Fairly mature flavour, soft finish, polished, good balance, fruit simple and straightforward. Medium long finish.    AKG: Sour strawberry, vanilla caramel.    EU: Dried cherry, pomegranate, light earth. Well balanced acidity and tannins. Drink now. Pleasant, moderate finish.    Jacquelin G: Too acidic, dominates palate and finish and hides any fruit, just too tart.    EH: Thin body, light cherry. Simple, not voluptuous. Tart and tannic for the amount of fruit. Caramel finish from the barrels is very good as time goes by and the wine opens up.

Silver Medal win at the 2013 Wine Align Canadian National Wine Awards.  Closure – cork

Aged 18 months in 60% new French oak.

Silkscarf Pinot NoirCurrent Vintage & Availability


#2 Siren’s Call Pinot Noir 2010 13.6%

Quality Rating: B- to B ~ 91    Value Rating: B- to B
Price: $22.00

Siren's Call Pinot Noir 2010 Label - BC Pinot Noir Tasting Review 20
Siren’s Call Pinot Noir 2010

BG: Dark cherry rim, pale/medium depth of colour.    AKG: Cherry. EU: Dark garnet no ruby red left in colour.    Jacquelin G: Bright, clear, medium ruby core and pale ruby rim.    EH: Burgundy red, clean.

BG: Big cherry hit of flavour, bit hot – Kirsch. Sweet plum, voluptuous, not complex. Bit odd for Pinot Noir.    AKG: Pomegranate, burnt caramel, rubber.    EU: Good strawberry, sour dark cherry, Kirsch, floral (Jasmine, rose). Roast fruit – complex, compost, leaves.    Jacquelin G: Strawberries and sour cherries, stewed strawberries, fresh figs, balsamic, wet forest floor, cedar chips, savoury herbs.    EH: Many times more intense than the number one wine, pomegranate, spice (cloves and cinnamon).

BG: Closed, tannic, high acid. Simple, strange, hot, short. I don’t think this will develop.    AKG: Forest floor, Oak finish, long finish, smoky, tannins a bit harsh.    EU: Cranberry sauce, peppery spice, compost. Long distinct tannins, soft acidity, lovely aroma, needs time?    Jacquelin G: Well balanced, if a bit crisp – good food wine, youthful tannins – could use a bit of cellar time. Fruity/savoury finish lingers pleasantly. Would age 2 to 5 years taste again. Both nose and palate opened up with time in the glass.    EH: Black cherries, perfumed, roses, cinnamon, complex. Good intensity of fruit, medium body with gentle tannins crisp acidity, well-balanced, roses on finish. After an hour a hint of Band-Aids on finish.

Made from 3 different pinot noir clones.  Sourced from grapes in Summerland.  Closure – Stelvin screwcap
Winemaker: Mark Simpson

Siren’s Call Pinot Noir Current Vintage & Availability


#3 Marsannay cuvée Marie Ragonneau Domaine Charles Audoin 2010 13%

Quality Rating: C ~ 86    Value Rating: C-
Price: $42.00

Charles Audoin Marsannay Marie Ragonneau 2010 Label - BC Pinot Noir Tasting Review 20
Charles Audoin Marsannay Marie Ragonneau 2010

BG: Ruby rim, pale depth colour.    AKG: Cherry punch – pigment rich.    EU: Garnet with brown edges.    Jacquelin G: Bright, clear, medium Ruby core and pale rim.    EH: Dark Burgundy, not as clear as number two wine.

BG: Cherries, moulding leaves, something extreme in the flavour, savoury.    AKG: Charcoal, durian, cherry, menthol, sunbaked earth, chocolate.    EU: Strawberry Jell-O, light raspberry and cherry, cloves, bit of allspice, smoky oak, light brown leaves.    Jacquelin G: Cherries and strawberries, savoury/meaty notes; all faint.    EH: Softer nose than the number two. Cherry and tutti-frutti finish. Nose isn’t as intense or as complex as other two wines.

BG: Good amount of savoury fruit. Strawberries, cherries, savoury fruit structure, will develop. Affable, classy, elegant.    AKG: Great initial mouth feel, tannic finish, sour cherry, earth, mineral, very acidic.    EU: Strong acidity and not much else, light sour cherry, pomegranate. Tannins generally unbalanced. Short finish.    Jacquelin G: Well balanced but simple lacking complexity, – both tannins and acid dominate the palate and finish, likely not worthy of cellar time. Dumb phase perhaps?    EH: Cherry fruit, rich flavour, no terroir, caramel, longer finish. Nicely balanced but not as complex as number two, less acid, gentle tannins.

#4 Lake Breeze XV Pinot Noir 2010

Quality Rating: C+ to B- ~ 89    Value Rating: C
Price: $50.00

Lake Breeze XV Pinot Noir 2010 Label - BC Pinot Noir Tasting Review 20
Lake Breeze XV Pinot Noir 2010

BG: Garnet/cherry. Pale.    AKG: Garnet, glossy.    EU: Garnet with brown edges.    Jacquelin G: Bright, clear; very slight bricky notes developing.    EH: Burgundy with some terra-cotta, mahogany, lighter than wines two and three.

BG: Cherry, Kirsch, autumn leaves, simple, bit of Oak.    AKG: Lemon, baking spices, rose, stewed strawberry.    EU: Earth, horse, plum, roast fruit.    Jacquelin G: Strawberries, savoury herbs, salted caramel, beets – lemon balm.    EH: Port. Hint of ketone? Savoury smell.

BG: Simple, tannic grip remains, bright acidity, pomegranate, beet, good concentration, medium plus finish, longish.    AKG: Great mouth full, well-balanced, Rainier cherries, salmon berries, huckleberries, baking spices, easy to get lost in, mouldy leaves.    EU: Spicy cherry, strawberry, dried cherry. Balanced tannins and acidity. Finish of earth and wet gravel, overripe fruit.    Jacquelin G: Really well-balanced with good mouth feel, enough tannins in acid and fruit to justify few years in cellar. Pleasant finish for bit tannic finish is on savoury notes?    EH: Baked fruit, cherry and pomegranate,, crisp acidity, a lively Pinot, simple. Thinner in body than wines two and three but not as tannic a finish that dried out my mouth.

A tribute to 15 years of winemaking for Lake Breeze and its winemaker, Garron Elmes. Made entirely from the Pinot Noir grapes grown on the property.  110 cases produced & 120 Magnums.  Closure – Stelvin

Silver – 2013 NorthWest Wine Summit
Silver – 2013 BC Wine Awards – Okanagan Fall Festival
Bronze- 2012 Canadian Wine Awards

Available from the winery

Lake Breeze Pinot NoirCurrent Vintage & Availability


#5 Cedar Creek Home Block Pinot Noir 2010 13.8%

Quality Rating: C+ to B- ~ 89    Value Rating: C-
Price: $40.00

Cedar Creek Platinum Home Block Pinot Noir 2010 Label - BC Pinot Noir Tasting Review 20
Cedar Creek Platinum Home Block Pinot Noir 2010

BG: Ruby/mauve. Pale/medium depth.    AKG: Rich cherry.    EU: Garnet.    Jacquelin G: Bright/clear; purple core and rim.    EH: Burgundy.

BG: Nice cherry, pomegranate/beet/plum, also violet/vanilla.    AKG: Blackberry pie, candy, rain on pavement.    EU: Potpourri (scented geraniums and roses), port, some wild ferment notes, aldehyde, roast cherry, caramel.    Jacquelin G: Strawberries and caramel, cherries; spicy!    EH: Nondescript, pleasant but close (nose does open up after an hour).

BG: Wow, rounded fruit concentration, cinnamon/vanilla, long, complex fruit finish.    AKG: Very sweet fruit – cherry jam, baking spices, peppery, touch of saltine, cherries.    EU: Spicy (pepper, allspice), roast plum, strawberry, cherry, distinct tannin with low acid strawberry finish.    Jacquelin G: More youthful tannins – but beautifully ripe! Well balanced; well-made clean wine lacking complexity. Savoury finish, let it sit for a couple of years.    EH: Rich juicy flavour. Medium bodied. Strawberries and cherries. Crisp, smooth, well balanced cherry finish and hint of crack black pepper. Wonderful flavour but rather wimpy nose initially.

The grapes are from two small blocks within the Home Block – #2 (planted in 1991) and #4 (planted in 1995). For the 2011 Vintage the two blocks were released as separate bottlings.  Closure – cork

The wine spent 16 months in French oak. Made from clones 114, 115, 667, and 777.  559 cases produced.

Silver Medal, 2013 All Canadian Wine Championships
Silver Medal, 2012 Wine Access Canadian Wine Awards
Bronze Medal, 2013 National Wine Align Competition

Cedar Creek Pinot NoirCurrent Vintage & Availability


#6 Mt. Lehman Signature Pinot Noir 2010 13.8%

Quality Rating: C ~ 86  Value Rating: C- to C
Price: $32.00

Mt. Lehman Signature Reserve Pinot Noir 2010 Label - BC Pinot Noir Tasting Review 20
Mt. Lehman Signature Reserve Pinot Noir 2010

BG: Ruby/purple.    AKG: Purple – cherry.    EU: Dark red purple edges.    Jacquelin G: Medium garnet, purple core and medium purple rim, bright/clear.    EH: Deep burgundy, deepest colour of all wines in the tasting.

BG: Plum, vanilla. AKG: Baked plum, pomegranate, peppery, leather.    EU: Strong fruit and toasted oak (Heavy toast), strong pomegranate, dried cherry.    Jacquelin G: Slight oxidation.    EH: Kirsch/tawny port notes. Loganberry and black cherry.

BG: Soft, lacy, velvety, bit hot, long, ripe tannins, soft tannins retain some grip, long finish.    AKG: Great mouth full, spicy, nice acidity, gentleman’s den, nice tannins, a bit hot, three-dimensional, touch of port and cigars.    EU: Ripe strawberries, cherry, toast of, porty equals very ripe fruit, maybe light oxidation – party oxidized fruit.    Jacquelin G: Well balanced, fruit marred by oxidation, fruity palate underneath the oxidation.    EH: Huge flavour, rich fruit, black liquorice, some sweetness, fruit bomb. Stewed prunes, no earthy tones or spice, pipe tobacco. Classy and elegant but not as complex as some. It may not be complex, but it has depth with what it has (fruit).

16 months in new Leroi French Oak barrels.  Closure – Stelvin screwtop

Mt. Lehman Pinot NoirCurrent Vintage & Availability


#7 Camelot Pinot Noir 2010 13.3%

Quality Rating: C- to C ~ 85    Value Rating: D+ to C-
Price: $25.00

Camelot Pinot Noir 2010 Label - BC Pinot Noir Tasting Review 20
Camelot Pinot Noir 2010

BG: Garnet, silky looking.    AKG: Garnet – brown glossy.    EU: Brownish garnet.    Jacquelin G: Light garnet, bricky rim; bright/clear.    EH: Tawny port, mahogany.

BG: Barrel marked, smooth, plum/tobacco.    AKG: Vinegary, sour fruit, closed    EU: Red fruits, toasted oak.    Jacquelin G: Stewed tomatoes, stewed strawberries with balsamic, savoury almost a Chianti    EH: Stewed rhubarb in Kirsch and tomato, with tawny port.

BG: Mature taste, tobacco, savoury, a little strange for pinot.    AKG: Creosote, very peppery, almost salty, alcoholic. Too intense in the upper registers.    EU: Ripe strong strawberry, a green leaves, sweet fruit on finish, balance, easy drinking.    Jacquelin G: Very well balanced, drinking well now, savoury finish/palate, lingers!    EH: Perfumey flavour with some ketones. May be over the hill or past its best. At least there is a port/caramel finish that lingers!

300 cases produced.  Closure – Stelvin screwtop

Camelot Pinot NoirCurrent Vintage & Availability


Tasting held October 21, 2014

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