Tasting #7 – A Second Taste of 2008

Caps Corks Capsules 2008 BC Pinot Noirs Tasting 7

Caps Corks Capsules 2008 BC Pinot Noirs

Wines from Lake Country, Okanagan Falls, Oliver, Osoyoos and a “guest pinot” from Russian River, California

“Waft of prune, darker fruits, bit of herbs” – BG
“Very faint-notes of mushroom and cardboard-slight strawberry & earth tones emerge after time” – JL


Name of WinePriceQualityValue
#1 Road 13 Pinot Noir 2008$23.00C+ ~ 88C- to C ~ 85
#2 Eau Vivre Pinot Noir 2008$24.00C -to C ~ 85D+ to C- ~ 83
#3 Blue Mountain Pinot Noir 2008$35.00C- to C ~ 85D+ ~ 82
#4 Kenwood Pinot Noir 2008 (California)$22.00D to D+ ~ 81D to D+ ~ 81
#5 Iniskillin Reserve Pinot Noir 2008$19.00C+ ~ 88 C to C+ ~ 87
#6 Arrowleaf Pinot Noir 2008$18.00B ~ 92B to B+ ~ 93
#7 Twisted Tree Pinot Noir 2008$32.00B- to B ~ 91C- to C ~ 85

#1 Road 13 Pinot Noir 2008  12.8%

Quality Rating: C+ ~ 88    Value Rating: C- to C
Price: $23.00

BG: Faded pink rim, light, even throughout    JL: Bright bluish red    MW: Bright, med to edge

BG: Alcoholic, strawberry, dusty savory caramel    JL: Peppery cherry , young and simple still – later strawberry    MW: Hint of alcohol heat, ripe cherry, mushroom

BG: Light, simple, medium aftertaste, slightly bitter strawberry finish mixed with a bit of sweeter fruit. Didn’t expect the finish to be so long    JL: Soft tannin – smooth and well balanced, long finish-spicy-simple, cherry – very pleasant -just slightly off dry    MW: Bright cherry, med soft finish, strawberry develops

Closure – Stelvin

Road 13 Pinot NoirCurrent Vintage & Availability


#2  Eau Vivre Pinot Noir 2008  13.3%

Quality Rating: C- to C ~ 85    Value Rating: D+ to C –
Price: $24.00

BG: Light with a touch of orange on the rim    JL: Light ruby, slightly bluish rim    MW: Med dark to edge

BG: Waft of prune, darker fruits,bit of herbs    JL: Woody – earthy-cherries-mushrooms    MW: Candied cherry, light

BG: Soft, rounded, balanced acidity. Simple, medium length, touch cranberry in finish, grew a little more bitter as it was open longer    JL: Soft entry – slightly sweet notes-mushrooms/candy fruit. Medium long, soft dry finish    MW: Light, short, cherry fruit, acid on finish, tannins

Closure – Stelvin screwcap

Eau Vivre Pinot Noir – Current Vintage & Availability


#3 Blue Mountain Pinot Noir 2008  13%

Quality Rating: C- to C ~ 85    Value Rating: D +
Price: $35.00

BG: Purplish rim    JL: Very purplish    MW: Bright, darker colour than previous wines. Hint of blue on edge

BG: Plum, touch of mushroom, complex and fairly big with promise of complexity on the palate    JL: Deep plummy/cherry nose, young and simple – hint of baking spices    MW: Strawberry, bread, medium alcohol.

BG: Lovely, broad, fairly full focused fruit with good concentration. Not sure about acidity    JL: Dry entry-firm tannins – cherry lifesaver flavours-very simple-medium long dry finish-lean   MW: Hint of heat, candied cherry, plenty of acid in finish

Closure – cork

Blue Mountain Pinot Noirs – Current Vintage & Availability


#4 Kenwood Pinot Noir 2008 (California)  13.5%

Quality Rating: D to D+ ~ 81    Value Rating: D to D+
Price: $22.00

BG: Medium depth, brownish rim heading to mahogany    JL: Aged bricky/tawny – looks oxidized    MW: Medium. Brown to edge

BG: Plum, madeira, gamey/woody and changed to sour wood    JL: Old but clean-baked    MW: Toasty , strawberry and mushroom

BG: Madeira,soft entry, caramel. Beautifully integrated    JL: Aging-notes of toffee-caramel-very little actual fruit-soft firm tannins-fairly dry-medium long caramelly finish, late harvest?-odd bottle/    MW: Strawberry fruit, sweet, hint alcohol, almonds on finish

#5 Inniskillin Reserve Pinot Noir 2008  14%

Quality Rating: C+ ~ 88    Value Rating: C to C +
Price: $19.00

BG: Garnet/brick rim mostly garnet with a light/med depth    JL: Tawny/bricky-looks old    MW: Hint brown on edge

BG: Almonds,plums    JL: Very faint-notes of mushroom and cardboard-slight strawberry & earth tones emerge after time    MW: Med heat, strawberry & Cherry, mushroom

BG: Fairly intense level of flavour, canned plums. mature taste, broad, soft tannins,very long    JL: Slightly sweet entry-soft but firm tannins-tastes old-dry-well balanced-caramelly-strawberries-medium-finish-OK balance    MW: Nicely balanced ripe fruit, long fruit finish, tannins in background

Closure – plastic cork

Inniskillin Pinot Noirs – Current Vintage & Availability


#6 Arrowleaf Pinot Noir 2008  12%

Quality Rating: B ~ 92    Value Rating: B to B+
Price: $18.00

BG: Light depth, garnet/brick rim    JL: Tawny garnet -bricky – old looking    MW: Medium depth, brown on edge

BG: Woody, bit of cinnamon, wool coat in the sun,bit of heat    JL: Bright strawberry & Cherry/lemon nose    MW: Bright, cherry & mushroom, hint of heat, spice – sage?

BG: Very soft entry, grapey, blueberry, quite silky texture    JL: Fruit forward sweet entry-strawberry jam-soft tannnins-good balance-long finish-lovely fruit-ready to drink    MW: Youthful cherry & strawberry fruit, hint of heat finiish to ripe cherry & acid

Closure – Stelvin screwtop

Arrowleaf Pinot Noir – Current Vintage & Availability


#7 Twisted Tree Pinot Noir 2008  14.3%

Quality Rating: B- to B ~ 91    Value Rating: C- to C
Price: $32.00

BG: Garnet rim    JL: Bricky edged, garnet    MW: Darkest of the tasting, medium dark to edge

BG: Underbrush, fruit   JL: Spicy peppery strawberries    MW: Hot, ripe cherry & Prunes, pepper,spice

BG: Soft, integrated, full flavoured, bit of alcohol heat    JL: Hot entry-sweet fruit-black pepper & strawberries with mushroom & earth-faint barnyardy notes-long sweet finish-lovely!    MW: Alcohol (hot,hot,hot) Big cherry & Strawberry fruit

Closure – cork

Tasting held May 3rd 2011

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